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Photo of the Connecticut River from the French King BridgeConnecticut River near HolyokeHadley Falls dam photoPhoto of pond in Granby, Massachusetts

Photos: (1) Connecticut River from French King Bridge, Massachusetts (2) Connecticut River from bridge by Hadley Falls Dam, Holyoke, MA (3) Hadley Falls Dam (4) Pond in Granby, MA.. All photos © 2009 by Rudy Perkins.





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Organizational resources

Connecticut River Watershed Council www.ctriver.org Begun in 1952 in Greenfield, MA, this watershed council is one of the oldest such councils in the country, taking a river basin approach to water protection advocacy. The group also organizes river cleanups and water quality monitoring. Among its current concerns: thermal pollution of the Connecticut River from the Vernon Yankee nuclear plant and the need for closer scrutiny of the five proposed biomass energy plants in the region. The Council has supported the formation and work of other watershed councils in the basin, including some of those below.

Millers River Watershed Council www.millersriver.net/mrwc Formed in the 1960s to deal with the pollution of the Millers River by the industries and towns along its banks, this Council has helped restore the health of this little gem. A quietly beautiful river, the Millers is a tributary of the Connecticut River, entering the Connecticut just below the French King bridge on Route 2. After helping to clean the river in its early years, the Council would later have to fight plans to divert it to supply drinking water to Boston, a fight the Council won. Today the Athol, Massachusetts-based Council continues to advocate for the protection and preservation of the Millers River and offers a citizens handbook, the Millers River Action Plan, via its website.

Chicopee River Watershed Council www.chicopeeriver.org The large Chicopee River basin stretches northeast from Chicopee and Springfield, MA deep into Worcester County. The watershed council organizes river clean ups, water quality monitoring and other activities to protect the river.

Westfield River Watershed Association www.westfieldriver.org The Westfield River spills down from the Berkshires to the Connecticut River, which it joins in Agawam, MA. This Watershed Association, founded in 1953, does advocacy and education for river protection. It organizes river clean-ups, canoeing, hiking and flyfishing events, and water quality monitoring, among other activities. The Association's quarterly newsletter, The Watershed News is available online.

Deerfield River Watershed Association www.deerfieldriver.org/index.html The Deerfield River watershed reaches northwest into Vermont from the Deerfield / Greenfield, MA stretch of the Connecticut River. The Watershed Association is involved in water quality monitoring, wildlife surveys, hiking trail improvements, advocacy for open space protection, and other activities connected to the protection and enjoyment of the river.

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