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Solar cells at Audubon 2Hadley Falls hydro dam sign photoHadley Falls hydro damPhoto of house with solar panels
Photos: (1) Photovoltaic panel at Mass Audubon preserve, Wellfleet, MA (2) Sign at Hadley Falls (MA) hydroelectric plant (3) Hadley Falls hydropower dam (4) Photovoltaic and solar hot water panels on houses at Wisdom Way Solar Village in Greenfield, MA. Photos by Rudy Perkins












Sea Change Radio (Local radio broadcast; syndicated radio broadcast; audio podcast) Sea Change Radio began as Corporate Watchdog Radio, but has evolved its mission to "making connections to the shift toward social, environmental, and economic sustainability." Co-hosts Bill Baue and Francesca Rheannon interview many of the important thinkers in alternative energy, climate change, green industry and sustainable economics, including Bill McKibben, Van Jones, Hunter Lovins, Paul Hawken, Lester Brown and others.

Inside Renewable Energy (audio podcast), available at and also available through iTunes. If you are not already listening to this great weekly podcast on renewable energy, you absolutely have to start. Host Steve Lacey does in-depth interviews with business, community and government leaders in all aspects of renewable energy, from photovoltaics to algae culture for biodiesel production. This is one of my fundamental sources of news on coming trends, new technologies and programs, and policy barriers and breakthroughs in this important field. We highly recommend this podcast, both for concerned citizens as well as people working in the field.

Living Planet (audio podcast), available through as well as through iTunes. This well-produced English-language podcast, out of Deutsche-Welle in Germany, carries many stories connected to energy, although it has a wider focus on the environment as a whole. Living Planet is particularly good at covering the current impacts of global warming, with on-the-scene reports from around the globe. We subscribe to a variety of podcasts and wouldn't be without our weekly feed of Inside Renewable Energy, Living Planet, and Sea Change Radio to keep abreast of new developments and ideas in alternative energy and other aspects of sustainable development.

Going Green -- Quarterly free publication from the Greenfield Recorder (Greenfield, MA) / Judging by the recently published first issue this tabloid format publication will focus on renewable energy systems and energy conservation for homes and small businesses, green home improvement, alternative home products, local food growers and the local economy of the Pioneer Valley and western Mass, all from a green "lifestyle" perspective. If you're looking for local contractors who can install solar panels or build an energy efficient house in western Mass., or where to find some of the local food specialty producers, this is one of the publications you might want to check out.

Reports, books, articles

Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Plan, available at Clean Energy Plan. This clean energy plan, developed by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, working with a consortium of groups in the region, is an important outline of many of the energy efficiency and renewable energy steps that would be needed to make our region much more self-sufficient in energy production. A must-read starting point for anyone interested in helping develop our valley's sustainable energy future.

Apollo's Fire -- Igniting America's Clean Energy Economy, by Jay Inslee. This 2008 book by Congressman Congressman Inslee gives an overview of alternative energy strategies for the U.S., from increasing wind and solar power to radically improved energy efficiency. Inslee is one of the principal sponsors for the New Apollo Energy Act, H.R. 2809, a legislative version of the Apollo Alliance's proposal for dramatically expanded investment in alternative energy in the U.S.

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