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Publisher Rudy Perkins

Photo by: Madeleine Charney

Sustenance publisher Rudy Perkins is a Massachusetts attorney who works for a non-profit affordable housing developer as a project manager and staff attorney.  He is a former series producer for PBS television’s national gardening program, The Victory Garden.  With former PBS television producer John Pelrine, he also helped produce a WGBH-TV environmental how-to television special, At Home on Earth. 

Perkins owned and co-managed an organic vegetable farm in Winchendon, Massachusetts in the 1980s, pioneering one of the early Massachusetts subscription-based organic farming efforts, in a movement that would later evolve into community supported agriculture (CSAs).  He described the venture in a 1986 Organic Gardening magazine article “From Farms to Families.”  He has worked a variety of jobs over the years, from being a machine operator in an electronics factory, a professional gardener, a greenhouse worker, a university groundskeeper, a cook & waiter in a collective vegetarian restaurant, and a researcher on river protection issues, to being, in more recent years, a former lawyer for a prominent Boston law firm, working in areas including real estate and land use law, and a former law clerk in the chambers of the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts.

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